I'm Mandidyoujust from Chicken Smoothie. I don't have lots of rares........some uncommons.......lots of commons.....lots and lots of very commons.......lots and lots and lots of OMG so commons.....1 very OMG so rares. But hey, I got stuff like dragons, bushbabies, pokemon, and uh.....well yeah bats. 1 of each. Rare store pet and stuff. ANYWAYS I also got specials if u look at that group. Most of them are uncommon. Anyways I have a trade thing below this introduction because I can't make trade rules on CS. Well enjoy.


Hi, here are my rules:

1. No absolutely unfair trades.

2. No commons for rares unless I like that common.

3. No uncommons for rares unless I like that uncommon.

4. No sad looking pets (I hate seeing sad animals).

And I have 3 dreamies.

1. Rare Bushbaby

2. Three-Headed Wolf

3. Pink Allicorn

I hope we got that clear. And also, comment and tell me what you want to trade. Here's an example:

Username: Mandidyoujust

Dreamie: Rare Bushbaby

For Trade: Colorful Wolf, Blue Dog, Leapord Cat

Ok? Ok. Stuff like that. And items are availible to be for trade too.

Welp that's it for the trading central. BYE BYE!


Hello! Here at my Pet Shop you're aloud to get any pets. Just do it before 10:00 PM, because that's when we close! Here are the best pets in the shop if they appear when I copy and paste:

[1] [2] [3] [4][5]

Those are the best for each type. There's more, so if you want a different one feel free to just have it!


Yeah............takes a while to get a pet from the pound, even with the refresh cheat. What's that? You don't know the Pound Refresh Cheat? Well i'm glad you wondered. You see, every 20 seconds click "Refresh" when you're at the pound to go one minute ahead. This makes it easier to get to. Anyways..yeah. This is what it looks like:

The poundEdit

Chicken Smoothie has a pound for homeless, confiscated, and donated pets.

Most of these pets were confiscated from players who were banned, so make sure you follow the rules, or your pets could end up here too!

When the pound is open this page will show pound pets that you can adopt instantly by clicking the "Adopt me" button underneath your chosen pet. The pound opens at random times, usually around 4 - 8 times per week, so check back often to see if it's open or opening soon!

You can't adopt more than one pound pet within 24 hours, so choose wisely!

[6] ==Sorry, the pound is closed at the moment. The pound opened in the last two days, but it is empty now. The pound opens at totally random times of day, so check back later to try again :)

You have already adopted from the pound in the last 24 hours. The earliest time you could adopt from the pound (if it happened to be open) is in: 1 hour, 15 minutes== So that's basicly what it always looks like. Mostly like 1 hour ahead. AND if you're lucky you may get a rare even if it doesn't tell you if it is or not. I got uncommon.......... Well happy refreshing and pound adopting =D

I'm gonna have to do this later. Sorry.